Bigger Than Basketball Campaign

On #BlackOutTuesday we posted our statement on social media - 
Being a clothing brand inspired by Basketball not only are we inspired by the game, we're also inspired by the Rich Black Culture. We must unite to stamp out the cancer that is racism.
Since then we have taken the time to educate ourselves and came to the conclusion that we need to do more. We're not a giant brand like Adidas, Nike etc who have pledged to donate millions of dollars but we feel that being a UK brand we need to do something, so we have decided to launch a campaign to raise money for charity.
Sam Neter (Hoopsfix) mentioned in his weekly email that Barrister QC Matthew Ryder, former Deputy Mayor of London for Social Integration and founder of Rough & Ready recommended donating money to two charities, The Amos Bursary ( and Stop Watch (, both are great charities and would recommend reading up on what they do.
With the help of brand ambassador Kenisha Whyte we have created a special edition t-shirt design that we feel embodies the Black Lives Matter movement titled 'Bigger Than Basketball'. 

We will donate the same amount of money as our #TooBusyStayinIn campaign (£4 per adult t-shirt, £3 per kids' t-shirt) to our chosen charity The Amos Bursary, a charity that helps young black men of Afro-Caribbean descent the opportunity to excel in education and beyond. 

Click here to buy your t-shirt and support our campaign

To find out more about the Amos Bursary click here