Too Busy Stayin In Campaign - UPDATE

Too Busy Stayin In Campaign Thank You

We launched our Too Busy Stayin In campaign on 30th April to help raise money for the
NHS Together Charities.

To date (11th June) we have raised £242.00 
We want to thank all the people that have brought a 👕 to support our campaign.

With the Governments' Lockdown exit plan in motion we will continue running our campaign until the
end of June 
to raise as much money as possible.

For every t-shirt sold we will donate £4 (£3 kids t-shirts) to the NHS to help support NHS staff and volunteers caring for COVID-19 patients.

Stock is very limited! Be sure to grab yours today! 
Click here to support the campaign

Please note there is a delay with deliveries through Royal Mail and DHL but we will keep customers informed.